They devoted themselves

to the apostles' teaching,

and to the fellowship,

to the breaking of bread,

and to prayer.

  Wednesday Supper &  Prayer Meeting Open 


  Please join us for prayer - for us, for yourself, and for others.  We eat from 5:00  to 5:30 pm. We take 10-15 minutes to pray.  And then Bible Study goes until 6:30 pm.

 We studied the prophecy of the 70 weeks found in Daniel   Chapter 9, particularly the 69 weeks from the decree of Cyrus   of Persia to the  return of the exiles and the rebuilding of   Jerusalem in Ezra and Nehemiah and Zechariah and to the

 coming of the Messiah.

 We studied the   final week - the 70th week prophesied by Daniel so long ago -   particularly looking at the parallels in current events, and all of Revelation.

 We have studied the life of Jesus through Luke, one chapter per week. 

 We  have just finished studying Ephesians.

 Join us to find out what we're studying next!

     This is a wonderful time of informal fellowship. 

     Come in your sweaty work clothes. 

     Leave behind your Sunday mask. 

     Bring your troubles. 

     We'll help you lay them at Jesus' feet.