How is the preaching at First Baptist Nokomis different?  

As a pastor I recognize the power of knowledge. God's word contains the knowledge we need to live full and healthy lives in service to Him. God's word is first and foremost - a love story. A story of His love and grace towards His creation which rebelled against Him, and His work of redemption for that creation - YOU!

God's word contains prophesy.  He tells us in advance what He is doing and what He is going to do, as well as what He did and this gives us knowledge we can trust. I teach prophesy so you can know God and grow in your walk with Him.

I do not neglect the gospel.  Each week, you will hear a good solid presentation of the gospel and how to be saved.  The unsaved desperately need to hear it and we find that believers also enjoy hearing it again - and again.

You will never leave a service with questions wondering what I meant or how does that work. Why? Because I  encourage you to ask questions.  I invite you to participate in the service. How many pastors do you know that do that?

You cannot have good preaching without good teaching!